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Individual and customized manufacturing of our products
Industrial power supplies worldwide. Send us a request for a customized product with our application form …



INDUSTRIAL POWER SOLUTIONS – Individual high-output power supplies for electrochemical processes and converters for the supply of DC drives


  • Anodised aluminium and hard anodised aluminium
  • Chrome and hard chrome
  • Electrolytic polish of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Electroplating (nickel plating, copper plating, tin plating, zinc plating,…)
  • Electrolysis (chlorine, hydrogen)
  • Conveyor systems
  • Cataphoretic/anodic painting (cathodic dip coating, anodic dip coating)
  • Molten Bath
  • Degreasing
  • Corrosion protection
  • Plasma technology
  • DC/AC colouring processes (patented electrolytic colouring of aluminium)
  • Thyristor inverter for DC motors
  • Modernisation of converters
  • Controls for drive technology


Renewal of ISO-Certification (ISO 9001:2015)

Like our parent company, FEST GmbH we have been certified in the quality management system (ISO 9001:2015), too. At the beginning of the year we renewed our certification and are pleased to continue to present our products (Made in Germany) in the usual quality. IPS-FEST would like to thank all our colleagues for their commitment to the re-certification.


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26th Leipzig Seminar in the Congress Centrum Leipzig

We take part in the exhibition at the 26th Leipzig Seminar in the Congress Centrum Leipzig.
Visit us. We look forward to seeing you!


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New step in January 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

In order to meet our customer requirements and as a forward-looking strategy of the company IPS-FEST GmbH will take the next step in January 2019 to be more competitive.

IPS-FEST GmbH will concentrate its engineering and production capacity at the location in Sinzig and will centralize all operative business processes of the company i.e. sales, construction, purchasing, production and service there.
At the location in Hamm the division product management with the task product development of customer-specific solutions and new technologies will be established.

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  • Project Planning & Design
  • Quality - Basis of Process Reliability
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Delivery & logistics
  • Cooperations & Partners
  • Project Planning & Design
  • Quality - Basis of Process Reliability
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Delivery & logistics
  • Cooperations & Partners
  • Project Planning & Design

    With constantly changing requirements looking for solutions for complex tasks and driven by the ambition to become increasingly better – a challenge for every engineer. Our project engineers repeatingly take on this task every day. They cannot only resort to their own long-standing experience, but also to the technical competence and innovative force of the entire team. Our motivation: ensuring permanent further development of our products by optimisation.

    With passion – for our own cause and that of our customers.


  • Quality - Basis of Process Reliability

    To exclude sources of error in the production process means to apply strict quality standards right from the start. Since material and processed products are exposed to a maximum of stress in industrial applications, every stage of production is subject to strict inspections by our quality management system. For this reason, our quality management starts in the early phase of planning and development and consistently proceeds over the entire value chain by purchasing high-quality parts and components and by carefully assembling them. With high expectations, every power supply and control system has to undergo a thorough final performance test in our test area prior to delivery.


  • Maintenance & Repair


    In all stages of the production process, utmost care is of major importance. Our well-trained personnel are aware of what is important in terms of assembly. The respective departments implement the specifications of the process and production plan in a safe and well-versed way. The different departments work with care and expertise – they work highly professionally to ensure smooth processes hand in hand in all stages of production.


    To be there when needed – that’s what our service technicians commit themselves to, if – despite of all reliability – repair should be required or an urgently needed spare part must be delivered in an emergency situation. In addition to carrying out commissioning, maintenance and repair work on site, our flexible After-Sales-Service is also in charge of the entire revision in the factory. Of course we carry out a final test of the devices “with painstaking care”.

    Our service team is there for you – that’s a promise.


  • Delivery & logistics


    Frequently, the worst enemy in competition is time. Today, this is the case for almost everything and everywhere in the world. Also for transport and delivery. Being aware of that, we accept this challenge by being flexible and cooperating with our reliable logistics partners. Together we find the way to get to all national and international destinations, to new or familiar places. Our customers can rely on that.

    You’ll get what we deliver – that is for sure.


  • Cooperations & Partners

    Electrochemical processes are influenced by many different parameters and only a holistic view of correlations ensures a production process with a demanding result. This is ensured by our cooperation with research institutes such as the Institut für Elektrische Energiesysteme (IESY) at the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg and companies from the field of surface technology, like Linnhoff & Partner GmbH, Iserlohn and Vision-Electric/EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenmühle GmbH, as it is often interdisciplinary cooperation with our partners that guarantees the desired success.

    Owing to this networking in connection with our own resources and competences we offer solutions for the “perfect surface”, supported by our competent distribution partners in Germany and abroad.

    Our company does not only make use of its own distribution network, which has grown over decades, but also of the worldwide distribution network of the entire Schmidt, Kranz company group – here with the Fest AG in Goslar in especially intensive cooperation. This also applies to the service network without any limitations and ensures optimal customer care on site – anywhere in the world.

Schmit, Kranz & Co.GmbH
Fest GmbH

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