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Cooling Systems

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The construction of the production series RGB-Cooling-Systems in principle is characterized by an internal cooling water circuit, which is completely closed against the often aggressive environmental conditions, completed with a air or water as the secondary cooling medium. All constructions and developments are carried out in our company so that we can offer the highest possible flexibility to our customers.

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  • Mains: 3x400V / 50Hz ((worldwide mains-conditions possible)
  • Regulating:temperature depending flow-regulation
  • Signals:pressure signal for in- and outlet temperature display
  • Control:interface for external control
  • Cooling: heat-exchanger for air- oil- or watercooling
  • Detection: temperature; waterpressure; waterflow
  • Degree of protection: IP20 - IP54
  • Specials:pressure balance with extension container totally closed internal water circuit


  • Redundant construction of the heat exchanger
  • Water pipes for the whole cooling system
  • Integrated inside power supplies
  • Heat recycling
  • Tischelmann-System
  • Adaption to automatic plant contrl possible


  • Intelligent control
  • Special custom made constructions
  • Avoids condensation
  • Temperature- / pressure management
  • Best possible protection againstaggressive conditions