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Current density regulation

RGB-Current density regulation

For anodizing rectifiers! Automatic current density regulation for anodic oxidation of aluminium, as control and regulation unit for anodizing rectifiers.



The user can choose from 3 different regulation methods:

  1. Current density
  2. Current regulation with a set time in min. and sec.
  3. Voltage regulation with a set time in min. and sec.

  • In current density mode there are different characteristic curves available for various alloys and shapes
  • After input of the parametre layer thickness (µm) and current density (A/dm²) the oxidation process starts with the shortest process time
  • The process time and the surface will be measured bei the current density regulation
  • If the measured required current for the product is exceeding the performance of the rectifier than the regulation is decreasing the current density to the maximum performance of the rectifier with the adjustment of time
  • The balance time, temperature, surface and layer thickness can be requested at the operator panel
  • In current density mode the rectifier will not be switched off after the process time but atomatically set to polarisation voltage
  • The temperature of the electrolyte will be compensated by the regulation in the range of 18-23°C

  • Integrated kAh-counter
  • Signal sound at the end of the process
  • Batch protocol
  • The software can be extended or varied individual for customers

  • Aluminium content 6 - 12 g/l (in the range ±3 g/l)
  • Concentration of the GSX-Electrolytes H2S04 180 g/l ±10%
  • Consistent alloy on the product