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Aircooled plasma generators

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The generator construction of the production series RGB-Plasma-Puls-LK is designed for the special requirements of the plasma ionisation process. This is characterized with a high power rectifier, adjusted LC-intermediate circuit and modular IGBT-pulse unit. The intelligent control device of the RGB-Plasma-Puls-LK also consists of a high speed arc-control management to protect the coated products.

// Optional with RGB-Bipol-Power 
// Integrated electronic switch of DC output polarity

// Single devices from: UDC = 400 - 1.500V / IDC = 40 - 1.000A

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  • Mains: 3x400V / 50Hz (worldwide mains-conditions possible)
  • Regulating: Intermediate DC-voltage with 1% accuracy (stepless electronic 0...100%)
  • Pulse frequency: 0,5 - 2kHz stepless adjustable (up to 10kHz optional)
  • Control: interface for external control
  • Ripple: < 5% from 50 - 100% intermediate DC-voltage
  • Rectifier connection: 6-pulse rectifier-connection (B6C)
  • Temperature: +35°C (higher temperature conditions possible)
  • Arc-detection: approx. 10µs (Arc-Level stepless adjustable)
  • Detection: phase position; phase rotation; phase loss; mains low voltage; short-circuit detection; temperatures
  • Signals: feedback current and voltage; arithmetic pulse current signal; maximum pulse current signal; bounted arc-switch off impulses
  • Degree of protection:IP20 - IP54 (with air- water- heat-exchanger)


  • Field-bus interface (Profibus; Interbus-S; CAN-Bus; RS-485 etc.)
  • Electronic switch of DC output polarity (reversal operation mode)
  • Cathode heating
  • Ah-counter-integration
  • Dual - Power Output
  • Regulating accuracy < 0,5%
  • Closed IGBT-cooling with air - water heat-exchanger
  • Special taylor made constructions


  • High speed regulation
  • High regulating accuracy
  • Short-circuit management
  • No mechanical wear
  • Low maintenance and high reliability